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Every mother and father awaits the day their physician sets the big "ultrasound date," however the black and white fuzzy images they get at their physician's office are just not as good as the latest 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound images that are available today.  Considering the many specialty 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound facilities out there where parents can go to have this wonderful experience performed, many parents want know where they can go to have a 3D/4D ultrasound session performed by a "real" Diagnostic Medical Sonographer graduating from an Allied Health Accredited school. at a safe and accredited facility with the industry's highest standards and protocols.  

The AAUIF organization is a national association specifically designed to regulate, monitor and promote only those 3D/4D ultrasound facilities throughout the nation that have been accredited for meeting the industry's highest standards and protocols.  Read more about us at our About Us link and you will see you will find here, the industry's only accredited  3D/4D ultrasound facilities with the mission to ensure the highest safety and care of pregnant mothers and their babies. 

Have your wonderful experience and your peace of mind, too. When you are looking for an elective ultrasound servcie facility, look for the Gold Seal. Click on it! It will take you to an Instant Accreditation Verification Page unique to that facility's listing and its current credent accreditation status. If they do not have this AAUIF Gold Seal, ask them when they will be receiving their AAUIF credentials.

We were so comforted to know that there was an organization looking out for the well-being of our baby and in helping us find an accredited ultrasound facility in our area.

**Disclaimer: AAUIF requires each accredited facility to sign an affadavit stating they are following AAUIF guidelines and protocols. If you find an accredited facility not doing so or fradulently misrepresenting themselves as an accredtied member, please report them to us promptly. By using this site or any of our resources, you completely release and indemnify AAUIF from any and all liability or legal claims.


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