The AAUIF is an organization designed specifically to regulate, monitor and promote accredited elective ultrasound facilities throughout the United States.  The AAUIF's sole purpose is to make sure every accredited ultrasound facility operates at the industry's highest guidelines and protocols set forth by the AAUIF regulatory board and to ensure safe and credible elective ultrasound services for pregnant mothers.  Each AAUIF accredited facility has to complete a compliance process to ensure their facility is operating at the latest standards and guidelines.  All guidelines and protocols are overseen by a licensed medical obstetrician and with the some of the nations most skilled DMS Sonographers and medical professionals.  Moreover, the AAUIF's Guidelines and Protocols are derived from the medical ultrasound industry's guidelines and applied, as they are relevant, to the elective ultrasound industry. 

Here are just a few guidelines you can expect from each AAUIF accredited facility:

  • Guidelines and procedures of each AAUIF accredited facility is overseen by a licensed medical obstetrician, some of the industry's most skilled diagnostic medical sonographers and industry professionals experienced in insuring the safest ultrasound experience available.

  • Each ultrasound session is always  performed by a Sonographer that is Registered or Registry eligible DMS ( Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) or graduating from an Allied Health Accredited school.

    • Please be aware that the term "Certified Ultrasound Technicians" is being used by some facilities and/or "techs" who are not DMS Sonographers and who simply obtain non-accredited, non-medical ultrasound short course "certifications" and “training in 3D/4D technology.” 

  • Each ultrasound session is limited to  no more than approximately 30 minutes in length.

  • Ultrasound equipment is FDA approved and maintained by a certified biomedical engineering company.

  • In the unlikely event an observation from your session needs to be brought to their attention, we work directly with your physician privately and confidentially.  We respect the fact that your physician is your primary care giver and that they make all decisions about your care.  

AAUIF has taken all the medical industry's ultrasound guidelines and applied them, as they are appropriate to the elective ultrasound industry to ensure each pregnant mother receives the highest level of care this industry can offer.  Make sure when you book your next elective ultrasound appointment that the facility you go to has the "clickable Accreditation Verification Logo" on it.  If it does not click through to an official AAUIF Accreditation Verification page, then it is not an AAUIF Accredited facility and please report it to us so that we can get you in contact with a accredited facility in your area.  

(**Clients seeking elective ultrasound services from AAUIF accredited facilities should in no way substitute or replace these elective services from the standard of care of your primary caregiver.)



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