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AAUIF is an organization that was created for the well being of expectant mothers seeking elective ultrasound services from an accredited ultrasound facility.  The AAUIF is the first national regulatory association of its kind to offer elective ultrasound facilities the opportunity to become accredited with the industry's strictest guidelines and protocols.  The industry was create from years of collaborating with various facility owners, government officials, many of pregnant mothers, and the medical professional community.  Although at the time it was not the intentions of founders to create an association, it clearly became a consensus that their needed to be "unity" amongst all parties with a collaborative effort to addressing each universal need and concern and to ensure that elective ultrasound facilities were being accounted for and operating at the industries highest standards.  

You will only find this standard with facilities approved and certified to represent this seal of excellence by clicking on the seal from their site with a link taking you to an accreditation page.  If the seal link does not take you to this website, that facility is not registered with us and you should report fraudulent listings to this website and we will assist you in finding an accredited facility near you.  If a facility near you does not carry this seal, please contact them through their website to see when their facility will be registered with the AAUIF.  


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